Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Visit With Mater

Preston watched the Pixar Cars movie when he was very young and fell in love with those wonderful characters like Lighning McQueen and Mater.  In the Denton/Dalbey family, we also hope that he will fall in love with the setting of the movie - Route 66.  Little known fact about my family is that my dad spent much of his life driving on Route 66 when his family traveled from IL to TX multiple times a year.  I don't think we could get a better tour guide of 'The Mother Road' than with my dad.  He was able to show us so much that is and is not mentioned in the tour books.  Oh yes, we also spent time visiting with tow tator, the tow truck that was the inspiration for the character, Mater.  Here are a few pictures of Preston with Mater and some other route 66 pictures.  I'll be sure to post more pictures tomorrow :)
 Here is the firetruck that is the inspiration for the character, Red. 
 I really like this picture
 This is rainbow bridge, built in 1923 - same year my Grandpa Denton was born. 

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