Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

So much happened over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I took a lot of photos with my 'real' camera but I am not finished editing.  So, here are some random photos from my iPhone to give you a quick preview of events.  
First, we had all 5 cousins together on Saturday.  It was a blast!  So much energy, so many toys and so different at Grandma and Grandad's house compared to a couple years ago.  I have another photo of all the kids that I will post tomorrow.  
My sister, Tracey, was in town with her husband and 4 month old daughter.  They brought their bouncy seat with them but Peyton decided she wanted to use it as her own seat.  Poor girl, I think she just wanted to take a nap.  She is slightly more introverted than her other cousins.  
On Sunday morning Peyton started coughing.  Can you see her excitement?  
I kept her home from Church to minimize contamination.  Preston, however, still has more energy than a bullet train and insisted on having music 'class' on Sunday afternoon. It was loud and sweet.  
On Sunday evening the kids asked if they could go outside and swing. We didn't stay outside long but long enough for Preston to swap seats with his sister.  Can you see the excitement?  
Peyton, however, was a bit more cautious.  She didn't last long.  
Well, we make it through Monday and now we are home today.  The kids enjoyed a nice 'picnic' while I rested on the floor.  I'm still trying to catch up on sleep from a busy weekend.  
More photos of family to come.  
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