Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weekend Update

Here is a random sampling of pictures from the past week.  Nothing too special to report, just daily life in the Dalbey house. First, my kids LOVE Frosty the Snowman.  They want to watch it everyday.  I'm not kidding.  
Here are the kids all snuggled and watching the movie - so sweet.  
My favorite show, Downton Abbey, returned to TV on Sunday. Thank goodness.  
Steven and I have been hitting the gym the past week.  We alternate workout days and don't see anything stopping us.  While Steven does have some weight he would like to loose I am trying to tone up my body post babies.  I'll keep you posted.  
Christmas was packed in bins and returned to our basement yesterday afternoon.  We are most sad to see it go but look forward to its return later in the year.  Preston kept asking if we could keep the tree....perhaps I should buy some sort of cool indoor plant and let the kids decorate it...or maybe not.  We need to work on replacing our dead bushes in the front yard this spring.  
Here was what Peyton looked like after her nap yesterday.  She was only wearing her diaper and her blanket and dolls were on the floor.  I don't think she did a lot of least she slept 12.5 hours last night.  

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