Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Cone

Its been 'normal' around the Dalbey house the past few days.  Our week started off with a holiday for the kids but mommy and daddy headed to work as usual.  Tuesday's are nice because I have the day off.  I usually take the kids out to Chesterfield for book club/bible study and then stop in to see Daddy at St. Louis Smoothie.  This week the kids wanted snow cones   Steven said it was OK and the kids were delighted.  Preston loves green and blue while Peyton was content with red and orange.  I think she is close to picking out her own favorite color.  
I think you can tell by her expression that she didn't really like the orange snow cone.  Oh girl, you know how to work the 'not happy' look.  I just encourage you to use your words and be kind to your sweet mommy who tries her best to take care of you.  
Just a note:  I ended up eating most of the snow cone.  Yummy!

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