Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A new look

A few weeks ago I did a post on the removal of the shrubs in the front yard.  Again, here is the before picture - YUCK!
I thought the space looked better empty!
Today was a beautiful day here in St. Louis and my Mother in Law, Beth Dalbey, surprised me for my Birthday and Mother's Day by buying some new shrubs for our front yard!  This was such a wonderful surprise.  Here we are as we began to place the plants and dig the holes.
Another look at the work in progress.  The shrubs are so beautiful and already add so much warmth to our front yard.
Ta Da - planted in the ground and we even had time to mulch all around to keep the roots wet and the weeds out!
Here is the look from the sidewalk.  So much BETTER!  Again, thank you to Beth for this lovely and thoughtful gift.  Only thing left in the front yard is to pain the front porch.  That project should begin in the next month or so and will add so much more to our front yard.
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