Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The kids

While Steven and I were directing the Zone camp last week our kids were busy having the time of their life.  OK, we were all able to have some great family time while at camp but needed some extra help during camp meetings, scheduled activities, etc...  This year our dear friend Kaylie came to the rescue and came to camp for a few days.  The camp has a giant water slide, lakefront activities, playground equipment, etc..  You know, all those things that kids enjoy.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures.  First, Kaylie took a picture of Preston and I coming down the giant water slide.  Preston went down this slide at least 25 times in a period of 3 days.
Here is a cute image of Kaylie and the kids.  They love her so much.
Here is a sweet picture of Peyton at the Lakefront.  While she is too young for the water trampoline and iceberg climbing wall, she had a great time playing in the sand and wading in the water.
Both kids keep asking if we can go back next year!
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