Friday, August 2, 2013

Its a Birthday Weekend

Its a Birthday weekend at the Dalbey house.  We are excited to celebrate my mom's Birthday tomorrow, Preston's Birthday on Sunday and my dad's Birthday on Monday.  Wow!  Oh yes, two of our nieces just had their Birthday's yesterday.  Its almost too much to remember...but somehow we do every year!  To kick off the celebration I went out to lunch with my mom, Grandma, sister and girl nieces.  I will post photos from our adventure tomorrow.  Today, Preston and I went to Target to pick out a new toy with his Birthday money from Grossi (Great Grandma Dalbey).  He chose a super cool Fire Dept Water Unit Truck.  Here are a few pictures that I think capture the boys excitement about his new toy.  Thank you, Grossi, for your loving Preston!  

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