Friday, September 20, 2013


Nothing too exciting to report this week from the Dalbey family.  We have been enjoying some nice weather and spending plenty of time outside.  The big event from our week was trying to remember how many parks we visited.  At least 5 different park this weeks and a few more from last week.  Oh yes, I don't want to forget a trip to the Zoo and the Library.  I am thankful for a part time work schedule so that I can spend time with my family.  The first picture was taken at one of our favorite parks, Rocket Park, near our house.  OK, its actually called Dear Creek Park but the entire theme of the playground is a Rocket Ship.  We also have a picture of the little man in his soccer outfit.  His first game is this Saturday!  

The picture above was taken at the Richmond Heights Community Center playground a few days ago.  The flowers are beautiful!!  I also have a sweet picture of Peyton sitting in a firetruck.  I think the little girl wan'ts to be just like her big brother.  So sweet. 

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