Friday, July 18, 2008

Open Mic Night

On Wednesday night, we had an 'Open Mic Night' talent show at Youth Group. It was so much fun to see the students get up on stage and perform either serious, very talented or just fun and silly acts. As you will see by the photo, the costumes made things even more creative and fun.

These girls 'love' Hannah Montana!

Steve grabbed his guitar and made up a song on the spot. The man has talent!

I think it is great to see young people (and adults) have a time where they can play. When I say play, I mean a time where they can just relax and not worry about doing something 'super serious' or 'super spiritual'. In my opinion, students are often asked to grow up too fast or to be overly responsible at such a young age. Now, I am all about teaching students responsibility and the joy of work, but when life is all about our achievements, being serious all the time and perfection, I think we miss out on so much joy that life has to offer. I think play is a necessary part of life that God created for our benefit. Some ways that I like to play: going for a walk at the Botanical Gardens, dancing around my house with my iPod or baking some really good blueberry muffins. Ah, the benefits I receive from each of these things keeps me going and brings life to my soul. I hope we all can enjoy time to play this weekend.

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