Monday, July 21, 2008

Updates on the house

Steven and I have been doing a lot of updates to our house. We have been trying to get as much organized and re - modled before baby Dalbey arrives. I know many of you would call this nesting - which is part of the drive - but I also feel better when my environment is clean and organized. Anyway, this past weekend was full of home projects and cleaning. Here are some fun updates for our viewers.
1. We finally have grass in our backyard!

Here is the backyard in March 2008

Here is the backyard in July 2008

2. Here is what our master bedroom looks like before and now with a fresh coat of paint and some new window shades. We got rid of the old shades that made the room feel like a cave. Ahh, it now feels so nice! (Thank you Beth Dalbey for all your hard work) I feel like I now live in a Pottery Barn picture.

I will update the blog with basement organization photo's as well as the bathroom re - modeling pictures when Steven is finished painting...keep your eyes open.

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J & K said...

looks awesome!!!!! can't wait to see more pics!