Monday, July 20, 2009


Ok, sometimes Steven and I get a little too excited about purchasing something special for one another when its a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc... (Does anyone else do this?) One year, Steven gave me my anniversary gift a month early. While I am always happy to give or receive a gift early, that may mean that there is nothing to give or receive on the actual day. Well, now that Preston is a part of our family we have another reason to go and get something special, even if that means it is a little early. Preston's birthday is on August 4th but Steven wanted to give him a special gift, you guessed it, early. It is a super cool Tonka Trunk that we thought he would enjoy. Since highway 40 has been under construction right by our house, Preston has always enjoyed going to the bridge and looking down at the huge dump trucks carrying a lot of dirt and concrete. A perfect gift for our little boy. Here is a video of Preston playing with his truck. Oh yes, we do plan on getting him something else for his Birthday - and we are going to wait till the actual day :)

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webbfamilyadventures said...

You guys are cute! Presents sound fun!