Thursday, July 30, 2009

Problem with my Computer

So, I woke up Wednesday morning to a computer that would not start. I have NO IDEA what happened. I didn't drop it, spill anything on it, yell at it, etc... All it did was sit on the desk overnight and for some reason decided not to start the next day. To say that I am sad would not do justice. I almost had a panic attack. I back up my files, but I am a few months behind and the thought of loosing thousands, yes thousands of photo's was more than I could handle. I am thankful to say that our wonderful IT guy at Church is going to work on my computer, save all my documents and my music files and then get my computer back in working order. I am going to be without my 'normal' computer for a few days so please be patient as I wait for things to get better. I am, as always, taking pictures of each new adventure and will post them as soon as I am able. I may try to upload some pictures onto my work computer to let everyone know what new adventures the Dalbey Trio is experiencing. I can say that we will be heading to Kansas City tomorrow for Megan Dalbey's wedding. You can be sure that I will post photo's as soon as possible. For now, be well and enjoy your weekend. Love, Katrina

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