Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Real Simple

I just received the August 2009 edition of 'Real Simple' Magazine in the mail. I am so excited! As soon as I post, I am going to dig into each page and discover many new and exciting things. I started reading 'Real Simple' Magazine back in, I think, 2005 when my sister in law, Kristen, gave me a year long subscription for Christmas. Well, I have renewed my subscription every year and I just can't see myself not reading this magazine. Thank you Kristen and thank you 'Real Simple'. I love your magazine.


thewarrens said...

I love it too! Amazon has a 1 yr. subscription on sale for $5 right now!!

hlw said...

It was my obsession from about 2002-2007. But I was so overwhelmed with all the great ideas that never got put to use on my shoestring budget and even really simpler life, that I decided to cancel. Every so often, I get magazine envy.