Saturday, July 18, 2009

Camp & Canoe Trip

Steven and I went on a camp and canoe trip down the Current River in Southern Missouri the past couple days with some students from Youth Group. We had an awesome time hanging out at the campsite, playing ultimate frisbee, sleeping in tents and paddling our way down the river. Overall, we could not have asked for better weather and for such a great group of students. As you can see by the photo's, we all had a great time and Steven and I enjoyed some time together away from the 'normal' routine of work and home. The only 'bummer' part of the trip is that I (Katrina) did something to my back while playing football with some students. I was running down the field and felt my back give out. I am in quite a bit of pain right now and really hope it gets better soon. This is the second time this has happened in the past 3 months so I am starting to wonder if I need to have this checked out. I will keep you updated on any improvement. Enjoy a few photo's from our adventure.

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hlw said...

This makes me think of our canoe (tipping) adventures with RUF. Oh...[sigh]...good times!