Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

"The poop heard round the world!!" What a timely poop, Good Friday, and a good friday it has been: Tonight is the night that Preston laid his first turd in the big boy trainer potty!! We have had a fun day running around outside, playing with the dogs, and digging in the sand box. Around 10:30am this morning, Preston and Daddy (me) went to Lions Choice to get some french fries and a small ice cream cone to share as a special treat. We then found out that our friends Chris and Andrea Sanders and thier daughter Ava Jane were in town. Preston and Ava Jane have been pals since the days in the womb, so we went to meet up with them. Who would have known that tonight would have been such a monumental occasion. Preston was so proud of himself for laying that little turd, and began clapping with us as we cheered him on. It must have sounded so humorous with all of us laughing and cheering tonight, but WOW, he did it! Have a good, Good Friday and happy Easter.

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