Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today I had the privledge of traveling to Columbia, MO with 3 students from our youth group to visit MIZZOU. I was more than excited to make the journey with these students as I am a proud Alum of the school and was eager to show them around campus. I had so much fun walking around the Quad, buying Mizzou gear at the new Student Center/Brady Commons, checking out the updated Rec Center and eating yummy pizza at Shakesperes. Here are a few photos from our visit.
First, the Columns where I would study, hang out and play ultimate frisbee on Friday afternoon with my RUF friends.
Second, the Pi Beta Phi house at 511 E. Rollins where I lived for 3 of my 4 years at Mizzou. I have such sweet memories of this house, my sorority sisters and many fun parties and activities.
Third, here I am at Tiger Plaza with Lucy, Marta and Ward. Jesse Hall stands in the background along with the beautiful Law school building.
Finally, Preston sporting his new Mizzou T-shirt. Only 16 more years till he will be a freshman! Ok, I know I am getting way ahead of myself but can't a mom get excited about these things!?

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emily said...

I agree, such great memories of that Pi Phi house! Looks like you had fun at Mizzou. And Preston looks adorable in his Mizzou gear...and it's definitely not too early to start plugging Mizzou to your kids. That's a regular thing around our house!