Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Butter & Dogs do NOT mix

Here is a story about our dogs and what happened when they ate some butter.

Last week I invited 2 students in college over to hang out and make Christmas cookies. I pulled out 3 sticks of butter from the fridge so that they could soften to room temperature. Before the girls came over that evening I found a few scraps of the paper wrapping to the butter, but no butter. I quickly learned that my dogs (not sure if it was one of them or both) had consumed the butter. Our dogs have consumed all sorts of items throughout the years (socks, granola bars in the packaging, stuffed toys, etc...) and have survived. All seemed well that evening but sometime during the night our dogs became sick and 'un ate' the butter all over the carpet on our stairs and our rug. Not cool. The smell was horrible. We tried cleaning the stairs multiple times with carpet shampoo, regular soap and Dawn dish soap. Nothing worked. We also tried the same stuff on our rug. Steven even took our rug outside and hosed it down with soap - the smell and stain still exist.

We made the hard decision to get rid of our rug and rip out the carpet on the stairs. Here are the photos.
Now, new carpet and a new rug are not what I wanted for Christmas. I really wanted a crib for Peyton and perhaps some shelving/storage for our family room. With the need to get rid of the old carpet means the need to purchase new carpet. Sure, the wood stairs are beautiful but we know it would be more safe to have the stairs covered with carpet for the little feet running around the house. You may also notice that all of the wood trim in our house was painted white before we moved in. We are sad the original wood is no longer visible. I imagine it was beautiful. Anyway, some friends and family have given us some $$ for Christmas that we will use to replace the carpet. This is a blessing and we are thankful. I guess the storage will have to wait and I am sure we will find an affordable crib before our little girl is born. We have not picked out the new carpet yet. We are doing our homework and trying to find the best carpet at the best price. I hope to post pictures soon of our covered stairs!

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