Saturday, July 23, 2011

For Sale

I am tired of having junk/random stuff around my house that I don't need or use. I have decided to start selling, donating and throwing away this stuff. My goal is simple and three fold: First, I am going to pay down debt with the money I make. Second, I am going to live more simply and Third, I am going to breath and move easier around my house with all the extra stuff gone. Just take a look at this picture of my basement - this is horrible. The only redemptive part of this photo is the bum genius cloth diapers hanging up to dry. My plan is to turn this space into a usable play space for Preston and Peyton! OK, so I began this mission today. I posted some chairs, a couch, and bridesmaid dresses on Craigslist this morning. I also have a 'For Sale' album on my Facebook page that have been going for a few weeks. I have already sold an extra desk and a sewing machine (I just sold 2 chairs on Facebook). I am going to have a garage/yard sale tomorrow and next Saturday. I am also going to take stuff I do not sell to Goodwill before we leave for our family vacation/reunion in early August. As always, I will keep my readers posted on my progress.

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