Sunday, July 31, 2011

Train Cake for Preston

I realized today that I am a full fledged mom. Why? Because I spent 4 hours making this:This was Preston's Train Cake for his 3rd Birthday party with family this afternoon. He has been asking me to make this cake for months and the day finally arrived. Despite how long it took to make the cake, I had a great time and Preston was SO excited. He kept asking if he could have some cake all morning and I had to tell him to wait for his Birthday Party.

Thank you, Grandad & Grandma for hosting the party and giving Preston some super cool trains. Thank you, Grammie and Papa for your lovely gifts and time with you.
Thank you, Sherrie, Mike and Alice for helping prepare for the party and for
the super cool Lego box. We love you all very much.
Here are a few other photos of our time together this afternoon with family.
First, the Lego box, Apple Alphabet and the cool mat.
Here is Preston super excited about his Apple Alphabet. Finally, Preston excited about Duncan the train engine.
Finally, I love you Preston Charles Dalbey. I can't believe you are 3 years old.
I love spending time with you, watching your love for the world and teaching you new things each day. I look forward to many more years to come.

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