Friday, September 30, 2011

Mr. Froggy

Some of you may know that Preston has a very special friend.  His name is Mr. Froggy and he has been with Preston since birth.  He sleeps with Preston, cuddles with Preston, keeps him company when he plays and when he eats.  Mr. Froggy travels with us to the playground, the grocery store and even on vacation.  I have to wash Mr. Froggy multiple times a week b/c he can also get dirty very quickly.  Mr. Froggy is very important even to the point that we had to find another Mr. Froggy to have on hand in case the 'real' Mr. Froggy disappeared. Thank goodness that hasn't happened.  We pray this never happens.  Oh yes, Preston can tell the difference between the two - quite intelligent is our little man.  You may have seen a picture of Preston with Mr. Froggy from time to time on our blog.  Here is another picture I thought I would share with our readers.  I think it is quite clear in this picture how important Mr. Froggy is to our little man.  

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