Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The weekend

The Dalbey family had a very nice Labor Day weekend. We spent some wonderful time together as a family and enjoyed the beautiful weather on Sunday/Monday. I wish we had a 3 day weekend at least once a month...perhaps then we would all be refreshed on a more regular basis. I had so much extra time to relax, organize, catch up with friends, play with my children, etc... Here are a few photos. First a picture of Peyton on Friday evening in her Cardinals T. Next, a picture of Preston outside playing in the water and blowing some bubbles. It was still very hot that evening. Steven let me take Saturday to head out on a day trip with some girls in my high school small group. We traveled down to Sikeston for a yummy lunch at Lamberts and then on to Cape Girardeau for some Antique shopping. We had a blast! I love these girls so much and am so thankful for each one of them.
I found this beautiful piece of stained glass at an Antique store and purchased it for a window in our home. I have been looking for a piece this for some time and love how it brings life to the window above our landing. On Monday, we headed over to Grandad Denton's house to visit. Preston and Peyton had a great time playing with their cousin, Alice.
As I mentioned, I even had some time to clean. I haven't seen the family/dining room this clean in months!

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