Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Letter B and friends

This past week I worked on my own art project for the alphabet wall. I took some green twine and covered the letter B. Here is the work in process:
Here is my finished work. Total cost = 1.99 + 2.49 = 4.48
Here is an art project Preston and I did a few weeks ago. These buttons were purchased at at Antique store in Amarillo, TX. I have added this cross to my 'cross wall' in the kitchen.
Preston and I also ventured out of the house last Tuesday to visit with Miss Beth and Miss Miranda. Miss Beth is my friend from Seminary and her husband, Zane, is good friends with Steven in the youth ministry world. This little girl, Miss Miranda, is a few months younger than Preston and they played well together. They are both SO tall for their age.
I'm looking forward to the weekend - fun time to hang out with friends this Labor Day weekend.

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