Sunday, October 23, 2011

Starbucks Mugs

 Some of you may know that I collect Starbucks city mugs.  You know, the mugs with the name of a city or sometimes a state or even country on them.  These mugs are super cool and are decorated with a signature image from the particular location.  St. Louis, for example, has the image of the Arch since we are called 'The Gateway to the West'.  Colorado, another example, is a state mug that has the mountains on their mug.  You get the picture.  Well, I am excited to report that I added three, yes three, mugs to my collection today.   I have some very dear, super cool, friends who traveled to Malaysia this past week for a retreat (Drew and Lindsey) Steven and I were unable to attend this retreat for various reasons and we deeply missed being with some of our closest friends.  Well, while on this retreat our dear friends made a couple trips to Starbucks and purchased us these mugs.  We didn't even ask them.  One friend (Bryce) even brought us a mug from Kenya. Yes, Kenya.  This friend is doing mission work over there and wanted to add to our collection as well.  OK, this mug is technically for Peyton since Bryce is her Godfather.  Anyway, the mugs were carried with love back to the US of A with another friend (Eric) who lives in St. Louis.  Without further adieu, here they are!  They are amazing!  
Sabah is the name of the province in Malaysia were the retreat was held.
This is the Merlion - super cool.  
This mug from Kenya is awesome.  Just look at those elephants - wow! 
I am so thankful for such loving, thoughtful friends.