Monday, October 10, 2011


The Dalbey Four had a very nice weekend.  We spent time together as a family, read lots of books, cleaned the house a bit and even took a nice walk to the park.  Here is a sweet picture of Preston next to his favorite slide at the playground.  While Preston is only 3 years old, he loves to go down the slide marked for the 5 and up kids.  Yes, we watch him carefully and to be honest, he is a champ and very capable of playing on this part of the playground.  I need to post a video...will do soon.  
I also wanted to post this picture of Peyton from Sunday afternoon.  She is so sweet.  I have noticed lately that her find motor skills are progressing well.  She loves to pick up toys and play with blocks.  She has also learned some new words.  She now says da da, dog and hi ya.  I will post a video of this soon :)  
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  

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