Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This is another post dedicated to all those random things I think about blogging from time to time.  I may not have pictures to go with every item...oh well.
Here we go.  
First, our 'Give Thanks' flag is hanging up outside our house.  I fully intend on celebrating Thanksgiving before I think about Christmas.  
Second, I took advantage of a 'free' mug on shutterfly the other day and decided to make something with Peyton pictures to keep in my office.  I now have a super cute place to keep my sharpies :) 
Third, our Ginkgo tree finally changed colors.  It is beautiful.  
Here is another picture from the ground.  
Next, Preston has been doing great with potty training.  He stays dry all day and has minimal accidents.  He will even go the potty in public restrooms - big accomplishment the past week. 
Peyton's 'battle wound' is healing well and we meet with the Dr. on Friday.  We do not feel worried or concerned.  Oh yes, she is on the verge of crawling...video will be posted soon. 
Well, that is all I can think about for now.  Have a wonderful night! 

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