Thursday, November 17, 2011

South Africa

Some of you may not know, but when I was in college I spent 6 months studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa.  This was a very important season in my life as I learned so much about who I am, what I believe and what is important in life.  While I have yet to return to this wonderful place, I dearly miss many friends who became my family while away from home.  I long to return...some day.  Well, my past came racing back this morning as my dad was going through his old Rolodex.  You know, those things that hold business cards and contact information.  Yes, people had to use these before the internet really existed. As my dad was cleaning he found this: 
This was my old address and contact number in Cape Town.  What did I do with this?  I logged on to Google Map and found this picture: 
This was my street.  On the left is a complex with 2 houses.  My house is hiding behind the big trees.  You can, however, make out a porch that I used to hang out on with my roomies.  On the Right of the street is a fence.  There used to be a small hill and a huge field that I would go run around for exercise.  I think it is still there.  Anyway, I thought I would share these fun and random memories with my readers.  

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