Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Here are a few pictures from our day.  First, we visited Steven at work at St. Louis Smoothie.  He gave us a balloon and we brought it home.  Peyton thought this was super cool.  
 Both Preston and Peyton loved the balloon so much they they were guarding it all afternoon...even while playing with trains.  
 Peyton had some beans and cheerios for lunch...some of the cheerios stuck to her face :) 
I decided to give Peyton a bath after lunch. I think she is having too much fun.  

 Next, I looked outside and saw the wonderful swing set that a family from Central gave to us.  It was too cold to go outside and play today but the weather looks nice the next few days.  
 Preston decided to take a break from playing with trains and build a Lego lower.  He takes building and construction very seriously.  
Overall, we had a wonderful day.  

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steve dalbey said...

what an awesome post. thanks katrina for keeping this up, i really enjoy seeing it in the middle of my day. i love you guys!!