Monday, February 27, 2012

Tired of being sick

The Dalbey family is so over being sick.  We have been sick off and on for about 2 weeks.  We think we have the flu and then we think we just have a cold.  Tonight, I can confirm that we have some sort of flu bug that manifests itself as a low grade temp, fatigue, sore throat, cough, etc...  I think Peyton is on the mend, but Preston is still recovering and I am coming down with something as I write.  I am thankful for Tylenol and a warm house to rest.  I am also thankful that tomorrow is my day off and I have the ability to stay home with the kids and rest.  I look forward to the entire Dalbey family feeling better.  Oh yes, some warm weather would also be nice.

Now, on to some random stuff.  Here is a cute picture of Peyton from this afternoon.  I think she looks good in Purple.  
I am also working to patch up some holes on the walls in our house.  Yes, I am taking some home projects into my own hands :) 
Oh yes, a big day in the Dalbey family.  We registered Preston for Preschool today.  This is a picture of Preston after I took him to have his blood tested.  Yes, this was part of the preschool application.  
We thought long and hard about our choice and have registered him for our local public school's Early Childhood Center.  We could not be more excited and know that Preston will thrive in this environment.  We are also excited because this school uses the same curriculum as the 'College School'.  The College School is a $$$$ private school here in St. Louis.  While we don't have $$$$ to spend on preschool, we are so thankful that we live in a wonderful school district and have this opportunity to give something very special to Preston.  We will be saving our pennies for the $ tuition and trust that the Lord will provide.  

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