Sunday, March 4, 2012

Catching Up

I am taking a moment to catch our readers up on life in the Dalbey family.  We have been sick this week.  While the kids were healing up from their part of the flu, Steven and I started round 2 of this weird bug.  This meant another round of antibiotics for Steven and a lot of rest for Katrina.  I am happy to report that by Friday we were feeling much better and started to come out of the fog we felt like we were under.  This weekend has been full of much needed family time and cleaning around the house.  The laundry pile was great but is slowly disappearing.  My home office desk was a mess, but is much better now.  Its amazing what a little time and a little energy can do.  Even Peyton found a new place to play under my newly cleaned desk :)  We have also read a lot of books this weekend - which is very good.  
 A sad note to report is that we had some damage to our home this week.  The winds were great on Wednesday and I came home to find part of our siding/roof/gutter damaged.  The wind pulled the board right out of the house - crazy.  
 Here is the board that was torn out of our house.  Sad.  Oh the joys of home ownership.  
I promise, I will post more updates and pictures tomorrow :) 

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