Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Its almost the weekend

Its Wednesday night and I am so excited for the weekend.  The weekend means that I will have a little extra time to do all those things I don't have time to do during the week.  Laundry is a high priority.  Making Peyton's party decorations are also high on the list.  Catching up with blog land is also on the list.  The weekend almost always means just a little extra time to rest and not worry about running around or being on time to appointments.  I think we all love weekends.  
This week has proven to be interesting as we made our first ER visit with Peyton. Notice the cute picture above.  She was having trouble breathing on Tuesday night and after a call to the exchange it was necessary to take her in.  Steven did the honors.  He is a wonderful husband.  Peyton is fine, but she does have Brochiolitis (I hope I spelled that correctly) and must use a nebulizer to help clear out her air passages.  The cause is most likely that flu/cold bug that has attacked our family the past few weeks.  Peyton is young and it takes her body longer to fight the bug then the rest of us.  Prayers and encouragement are appreciated to get us through this challenge and Peyton to a full recovery.  Here are a couple pics of the kids while we were playing outside on Tuesday.  

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