Thursday, March 8, 2012

Preston Preschool Fund

A few weeks ago I posted about registering Preston for Preschool at our local school.  While we are so excited for Preston to have this opportunity to grow and learn we know that there is a price tag attached.  So, we have started the 'Preston Preschool Fund' at the Dalbey house.  We have an envelope hidden away where we place our extra cash.  We have also set some realistic goals.  We are trying to save half of his tuition by the end of the summer or first day of school.  Right now we have saved 28% of that total.  Not bad.  I am thankful we have some time and thankful for the ways the Lord seems to be providing for our needs each day.  I will keep our readers updated on our progress and perhaps even share some ways in which we increase our %.  I can share that this week we added $40 to the fund.  This money came from the tips Steven collected at work.  Not bad.  Here is a picture of our sweet and curious boy who I pray will be thankful for all that we do to provide for his educational needs :) 
Oh yes, I know there are many in St. Louis who save and save and pay for private school tuition for 12 + years.  While we are looking at 2 years of preschool tuition before our public school education begins I am learning what it means to sacrifice and invest your money in things you believe will be valuable for our kids.  

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