Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break - Dalbey Style

While last week and this week is Spring Break for many in STL the Dalbey family is kicking it at home this year.  What do you do in St. Louis on Spring Break?  Well, I have a few ideas.  We started things off yesterday at home by setting up our new pool and sandbox.  Well, we already had the sandbox.  We just needed more sand.  These items were given to us in the form of a monetary gift from Grossi Dalbey.  Grossi is the German word for Great Grandma.  Oh yes, Peyton is sporting her new swim suit for the season.  This came from Grammie Dalbey for her Birthday.  While Peyton had NO interest in the swimming pool, she LOVED the sandbox. I am sure we will spend more time out there this week.  Here is a picture of the kids enjoying their time making sandcastles and exploring.  
I have more plans to go to the park, the Missouri Botanical Gardens and even the City Garden if the weather permits :)  I will keep our readers updated.  

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