Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yard Work

What do I like to do on a Saturday afternoon?  I like to do yard work.  Yes, that is right. I like to do yard work.  While Peyton took her afternoon nap, Preston and I headed outside to do some work.  Well, Preston enjoyed playing with the hose and some of his toys. I hit the ground (literally) and started digging up weeds and finishing a path and flower bed that I started 4 years ago.  
Here is a picture of the beginning of my work.  
Here we go. Its starting to look good.  Oh yes, Preston helped me carry the bricks that were stacked on the side of driveway.  They had been there so long that they almost stuck to the driveway.  
Here is the finished path.  I took this picture from the upstairs window.  I think it looks good.  
Now all I need are some bushes and flowers....that might have to wait a while.  Maybe I'll ask for some for my birthday.  Oh yes, after starting and finishing this project in an hour and a half I don't think anyone can label me a wimp :) 

Oh yes, before my afternoon yard work I took the kids for a walk to the park.  Sadly, our favorite park was closed.  The sign at the Heights said that the Park is closed during freezing weather.  I don't think they have taken the time to notice the warm temperatures and flowers blooming on the trees in the picture.  We did have the the first day of spring the other day - right?! Oh well.  We will try again another day.  

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