Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This past Sunday we had our little girl baptized.  It was so special to see Mark, Steven's dad, baptize our little girl and continue a very special tradition in his family.  While I didn't get any picture of the actual event, I can share that it was so special.  Steven and I also joined the church that morning.  We now feel connected to a new family and look forward to getting involved and getting to know new people.  Here are a few pictures I did take that day.  
First, our little girl on Sunday in her new dress from Grammie :) 
 Here is a picture of the kids in the car as we left church and headed to Grandad's house for lunch.  
 A cute headband that Peyton kept on her head for about 10 minutes...we are working on this :) 
 Peyton and cousin Alice playing.  
 Preston and Cousin Alice playing the piano.  
 Here are the cousins.  We are excited for Aunt Tracey to have another little girl to arrive in early August. 
 After lunch we had some fun playing outside. 
 Here we have four generations of the ladies :)  Great Grandma Koslow, Grandma Denton, mommy and Peyton Dalbey.  
 The Dalbey family.  Steven, Preston, Grossi, Katrina, Peyton, Mark or Poppa, Beth or Grammie and Uncle Eric.  
Thank you, Grandad Denton, for hosting the event and serving a wonderful lunch.  

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