Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day

Earth Day was yesterday.  The Dalbey Family celebrated by participating in an event coordinated by one of my co workers, Dee.  She is an Alderwoman in the area of Sunset Hills and we were happy to support her and her work to love our planet.  Activities included recycling an old TV that has been sitting in our basement for 5 + years, crafts for kids with recycled materials, free pizza (everyone likes that), and some booths that talk about gardening and composting.  Dee has inspired me to start a garden and I will be working on that in the months ahead so stay tuned for details.  Here are a few photos from our Saturday afternoon.  First we have Preston outside playing the drums and then inside working on some crafts.  

Here we have sweet Peyton eating her pizza.  She was a happy girl in her Earth Day Green.

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