Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Peyton - 13 months

Peyton turned 13 months old yesterday.  Wow!  I know I have said this before but I feel like I blink and a month passes by.  Sure, I try to enjoy each day with my little ones but they just go by so quickly.  Being a part time working mom also makes time go by quickly...I think.  In one day I spend the morning getting kids ready, packing lunches, getting myself ready and then off to work for 5 hours, pick up the kids, play, make dinner, play, bed time and then the next day arrives all too quickly all over again.  I try to soak in plenty of hugs and kisses.  Peyton is an especially cuddly little girl and I love it.  She loves to sit on my lap and read books, look at toys or just simply be held.  She has recently discovered her climbing skills. She can go up the stairs in no time and climbs up on to Preston's bed.  We also had to lower her crib down all the way because she climbed out/fell out on Saturday when I put her down for her nap.  Thankfully, all is well.  Finally, Peyton continues to be a sweet and happy baby.  Here are some pics from the past couple weeks.  
Here is Peyton working on those climbing skills.  Look at the last photo - she is so proud of herself.  
Peyton even took a turn giving Mr. Froggy a hug.  Preston quickly snatched him back :) 
 Here is Peyton outside for a walk with her 'da da' or doll.  
Just another close up of the little girl.  So sweet.  
 Just a random morning picture with Peyton still in her PJ's.  
 Daddy and Peyton playing while we were at the Botanical Garden a few weeks back.  
 Here is Peyton after her nap. Notice the crib mattress is low.  
 Outside on the swing.  She loves the swing.   
 Just a morning game of twister.  
Here is a big smile from yesterday afternoon.  
I love having a little girl :) 

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