Friday, April 6, 2012

Home Updates

For those of you that know me well know that I love to organize.  I love making things look neat, tidy and easy to use.  This may include clothes, toiletries, kitchen items. etc... It also includes toys. I have been trying to make the kids toys more organized and give them more space to play.  My next/current project is the basement.  I have been working hard to clean, organize, and clear out the basement.  I took a huge step this weekend with my work.  I cleared out part of our basement and moved the train table that used to be in the play room upstairs and moved it down to the basement.  Here is the play room now.  
Here is the basement now.    
Now, this is only part of the basement. I still have a whole area filled with stuff that is ready to sell, donate or gift.  I am trying to make my life simple, clean and more enjoyable in every way.  I don't need 90% of the stuff in my basement.  I'll post more about that next week.  For now, we are all going to enjoy this new space :) 

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