Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Wonderful Saturday

It has been a wonderful Saturday around the Dalbey house...well, in the Dalbey family.  We didn't spend much time at home today as we took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed out to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  Just take a look as it is beautiful.  
While at the Garden Peyton spotted a heard of sheep :) 
Part of going to the Garden on Saturday morning is that you can go to the Children's Garden for FREE.  Today they had a plant station where kids could plant and take home their own vegetable.  We brought home broccoli and lettuce.  They are now planted in our yard and this will be our first attempt at a garden.  If we have success we will move on to tomatoes, peppers and maybe some pumpkins :) I will keep you updated.  Here is Preston with his plants.  
Here is my other Garden plant - a beautiful Hydrangea.  They were on sale for $4 at Aldi the other day.  
 Oh yes, big news - we planted 2 trees in our back yard.  We took the kids to the Grand Opening of the Richmond Heights Community Center playground and outdoor classroom.  Along with some super fun new activities for kids they were giving away trees!!  I know, they are small but they are trees and they were free.  Here is a Red Oak.  
 Here is a Red Bud.  I hope we live in our house long enough to see this one bloom as it is one of my favorite trees.  I also love Magnolia Trees, Cherry Trees, Red Maple Trees and Tulip Trees.  
Here is Preston playing the Xylophone at the new outdoor classroom area.  
Preston decided to take a reading break after a long day of fun and play.  He sat here for about 30 minutes - so sweet.   
  Well, that is about it for today.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter.  I'm sure I will post pictures from our Easter activities tomorrow.  

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