Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tons of Trucks

 On Saturday morning the Richmond Heights Community Center held a 'Tons of Trucks' event in their parking lot.  Preston was so excited to see the huge vehicles, sit inside and explore.  Here are a few pictures.  
First, the boy has to check out all the controls.  
Next, I think he is ready to go.  
He is not coming down.  He is hard at work here.  
Here he is checking out the garbage truck.  
He doesn't want to leave :) 
Here is Preston inside the firetruck asking the fireman about all the different controls and equipment.  He was really interested in the mask the firefighters have to wear so they can breath.  
Just a little Mommy and Preston time.  
Peyton wasn't that interested in the big trucks. Poor girl. It was so hot outside.  

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