Wednesday, June 13, 2012

7 years

I just realized that we have lived in our house on Dale Avenue for 7 years.  It was this week back in 2005 that we packed up all our stuff from our Condo in Ballwin, MO and moved closer to work (and the city) to Richmond Heights.  While I never imagined us living in this house for this long I am so thankful to call this house my home.   Steven and I have hosted many people in our home via Birthday parties, baptism celebrations, youth events, small groups, one on ones, etc...  We have also done a lot of work in this house.  We have painted almost every room, updated our roof, new windows, new fense, planted flowers, and much more.  Sure, I have had my moments where I wondered why we bought a house and why we 'suffer' through our mortgage payment every month.  I also wish we had more than 1 bathroom and an extra room but at the end of the day this place feels like home and I am thanfkul for a roof over our heads and a place for our kids to play and grow.  I am also super thankful for our excellent school that Preston will attend this fall and for how close we are to so much that is cool in St. Louis.  How many people can say they live less than 5 minutes away from the Art Museum, Zoo, Muny and many other cool parks and attractions in St. Louis.  Goals for the year include painting our front porch, updating our deck and cleaning out our basement to have more play space for the kids.  We will keep you updated. 

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