Saturday, June 9, 2012


We are going to be 'busy' in the Dalbey house this summer. Busy preparing Preston for Pre-School.  Things started off well with a visit to his school this morning.  Preston had the chance to play in the gym while I attended a short meeting about how to prepare you child for school.  This meeting was mostly geered toward preparing your child for kindergarden but I like to be on top of things.  To be honest I don't think Preston needs a lot of preparations for Pre-School this fall.  He allready knows his numbers, letters, colors, shapes, and other basic things.  Sure, we can work on some skills and continue working on his writing but overall I think he is doing very well and will flourish in a more creative learning environment.  Oh yes, he will really enjoy the 'seed to table' garden program and other learning adventures offered at his school.  I am so thankful for our school.  Here are a few pictures from our visit this morning.
First, Preston is super excited about the play house outside the schocol. 
 Here is a firehouse and other houses
 Some pictures of their garden :)
 Both Preston and Peyton loved looking at the chickens. Yes, there are chickens at the school. 
 As I was uploading the pictures to this post I was thinking about how much I also have to prepare myself for Preston to begin school this fall.  While he will only be going 3 days a week, it is still a huge event for our family.  I think I will miss that extra time with Preston during the week but excited to see and hear what he will learn. 

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