Monday, August 20, 2012

I miss College

With all the excitement for back to school the past few weeks I have come to realize that I really miss college.  It didn't really hit me till this morning when I received my Mizzou Alumni magazine in the mail. Ahh, what a lovely picture. 
I have such fond memories of my time in college at Mizzou. I miss the beautiful campus, my friends, my sorority and yes, I even miss taking classes.  I sometimes find myself wishing I could go back and have a few more fun Mizzou days.  They went by so fast.  What has led me to reflect on my college carreer and appreciate all that I was able to experience has been a combination of the following 2 items. 
First, my dear friends. 
Leah and Christi came in town and I was able to catch up with them last night.  It was a blast!  We talked about family, kids, work, etc...  It was great. I wish I could see them more often. 

Second, Mizzou had recruitment last week for greek life.  While non of my recommendations joined my house (sniff, tear, sniff) I found myself thinking about the day when my own daughter goes to Mizzou and will join my house.  Yes, I'm thinking about this and hope it will be so.  I know I am not alone.  Some of my pledge sister's are thinking the same thing and I love it! 

Well, even if I can't go back to college there is always Homecomming!!!
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