Monday, August 13, 2012

Preston Preschool Update

I am so happy to say that Preston will start his first year of Preschool next week.  We are all very excited for him.   He is almost ready to go.  He has a new backpack and a new pair of shoes.  I think he has enough shirts but we may need to get him a few new pairs of shorts and pants.  Ok, besides all these practical items we are all very excited for him to start school.  We beleive school will be really good for him.  It will challenge him, channel his energy and broaden his social life even more.  Oh yes, Steven and I are really excited to meet new people, get to know the people in our community and watch our son grow and thrive.  Just look at this face - he is ready to go. He keeps talking about the garden, the huge sandbox and the chickens at his school.  We think this is so cool.    
Oh yes, a while back I wrote a blog post about how much Steven and I were praying that we would financially be able to send Preston to Preschool.  With our recent job transition our finances have been very tight.  Both Steven and I have been working very hard to make ends meet each month.  We have been learning a lot about what it means to sacrifice and trust the Lord to provide.  This has been hard.  While we have chosen to send our kids to public school we still have to pay tuition for the 2 years our kids will each go to preschool.  So, back in February we began to save.  $20 here, $10 there, etc... Its amazing how much you sacrifice for your children.  I am so thankful to report that we have saved enough money to pay 4 of the 9 payments we will owe this year for Preston's school.  This is huge.  We are very thankful and pray that we can continue to save and make our son's early childhood education possible.  We will keep you posted and deeply appreciate all the prayers, words of encouragement and acts of service to our family.  Thank you. 

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