Friday, August 24, 2012

Preston's First day of School

Preston started school on Wednesday.  Steven and I can't believe that our son is in school three days a week from 8am - 3pm.  Its amazing and a bit shocking.  We remember the day he was born and he was a 6lb little peanut.  Now he is a solid, strong, adventurous, sensitive and intelligent boy.  Amazing.  Here are a few pictures from his frist day of school and then a few more pictures I took this morning to document his new adventure. 
I couldn't really get him to smile for the camera.  He insisted on being silly. 
These are the fountains in front of his new school. 
This is the first of a long series of pictures throughout his school carreer.  I am planning on taking a picture of Preston in front of the school sign on his first and last day of school.  
 Preston specifically asked me to take a picture of his backpack.  Yes sir! 
 We sure do love our little boy. 

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