Friday, September 21, 2012

Updated Family Photos

As a photographer, it is very hard to take my own family pictures.  Ok, its impossible.  I rely greatly on family (my dad) and dear friends (Kaylie and Emma) to take our family photos every 6 months.  Today was the day to update our family photo and Kaylie came over to help.  We had a short (30 minute) mini session with her and was able to download the pictures right away.  I think every family with young children hopes and prayes for one good photo.  Today, we captured a handful of good photos and here are a few for our friends and family to see.  Oh yes, I plan on printing one of these in the next few weeks.  Kaylie - great job.  
First, this is the photo I will be printing. 
 Oh we love being silly :)
And really silly.
Finally, a classic photo...with Preston looking at a car driving down the street. 
I hope you enjoy the photos.  


Ruthanne said...

LOVE these photos and this family. miss you guys!

K & S Dalbey said...

Ruthanne - we love you and miss you. Let us know if you are in STL.