Monday, September 10, 2012


This is my sweet little Peyton. 
She loves to cuddle, sing, dance, take care of her baby dolls, chase after her brother and much more.  She is also almost 18 months old.  We have one happy baby here.  This photo was taken the other morning minutes after she woke up.  Amazing!  I don't look this happy after I wake up.  Anyway, since she is almost 18 months old I decided to make a big decision about 2 weeks ago.  I decided to wean my little Peyton.  Now, she was only nursing once a day but I think she enjoyed her time with mommy.  The reason I decided to wean her was two fold.  First, I wanted to get away for a weekend to visit my sister and didn't want to bring along my pump.  I also wanted the freedom to just get up in the morning and get going with my day without taking a little time out.  It has, after all, been 18 months of nursing and she is drinking milk out of a cup just fine.  I don't think letting go of this one nursing session would do any harm.  The second reason for deciding to wean Peyton was that I have been having some health issues the past few months and needed to get on some differnet medication.  I postponed my health and prescription change because I was still nursing.  After the month of August and things being difficutlt for me I decided it was time. I had to take care of myself in order to be a good mommy to my little girl and buddy boy.  It took about a week for my body to adjust to this change but things seem to be 'normal' now.  Here is another picture of our sweet girl.  She insisted on putting on all three of her swimsuits the other day.  Her 12 mo, 18 mo and 2T swimsuit. 
I must say, weaning my girl was very difficult.  I think she misses her morning nursing sessions and I have struggled with some guilt in the whole thing.  Steven has been so sweet to remind me that Peyton is going to be just fine and weaning her was a very good decision all around.  He also reminds me that I don't want to be like that mom on time magazine nursing my 3 year old.  Oh no.  I personally think that is just too much. 
Overall, I am glad I weaned Peyton.  I am glad she can begin a new adventure of life without constantly needeing me for food. I am also glad to have a little extra freedom and take caes of my own health needs.  I am all about sacrificing for your children but taking time out to care for yourself is also a big priority. 

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