Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This weather is awesome

The weather here in STL has been AWESOME the past few days.  The temps are in the 70's during the day, there is a light breeze, and the trees are nearing the highlight of there transformation from green to color.  First, I just love all the fall flowers.  These flowers are from my neighbors front porch. 
Here is a picture of the trees - just stunning.  
The beautiful weather outside means that I like to take the kids out as much as possible.  This morning we took the tent/tunnel outside for some active play.  
I love this photo because it shows Peyton climbing through the tent and Preston cheering for her on the outside.  
Oh yes, sometimes we like to go out in the front yard and watch the cars/trucks/busses.  When we are in the front yard we let Bailey 'guard the house'.  She does a good job.  
All this running around outside wears me out.  This was me yesterday afternoon after work.  I was tired.  The kids let me 'rest' for about 5 minutes before they were asking me to read and play with them. A mom's work is never done. 
Oh yes, we have been working on encouraging Preston to dress himself in the morning.  Good job, buddy.  
I took my beautiful bridesmaid flowers outside this afternoon for some sun.  
I also took the kids outside for a fall photo shoot this afternoon. I will be posting photos on my photography blog tomorrow but here are some photos from my phone.  Sweet Peyton is holding her babies.  
I thought this was a good photo of Preston.  
Oh yes, we headed over to the pond to watch the ducks. I need to remember to bring some bread.  
Peyton kept saying 'du, du, du!'.  So sweet.  I have noticed that she is saying more words every day and saying them with more clarity. I am sure I will blink and she will be speaking in full sentences.    
At this point the kids were tired of pictures and didn't want to smile.  Peyton was actually crying and stopped for a brief moment to look at the ducks.   At least Preston looks sweet.  

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