Friday, October 19, 2012

This boy

Its been a while since I posted some thoughts on our boy.  Here we go. 
Preston is now 4 years old and a few months.  He continues to thrive in many ways.    His verbal skills are excellent as well as his fine motor skills.  He is now in preschool 3 full days a week and works on various projects around the house when we are home together.  When he is not playing with his trains you can find him reading books, working on puzzles or playing outside.  We have one happy kid over here. 
Preston continues to be in the 95th percentile for height.  I think he has inherited the tall genes.  I also think that his height will be one his greatest strengths as it applies to sports and other activities.  I can't wait to see him in sport action in just a couple years.  Oh yes, I took a video of Preston playing baseball yesterday morning in our backyard.  Wow - this kid has skills.  He hit the ball off the Tball all the way from one end of our yard to another.  I think we need to look into baseball soon.  
Preston also continues to demonstrate that he is a strong and senstive young man.  He cares deeply about others and does not like when people are upset. A couple weeks ago Steven and I were talking 'schedule' (which Steven does not enjoy) and Preston thought we were upset with one another.  Now, Steven and I are doing very well (wanted to set your mind at ease) and we were more intense/serious than upset.  Preston came in the room and told us in a very loud voice that he wanted us to be quiet.  He also looked very upset.  Steven and I took a minute that morning to remind Preston that we love him, we love each other and that sometimes it is important for mommy and daddy to talk about our schedule even if that is not pleasant.  Wow - this kid feels deeply.  I think we have an F when it comes to the Myerrs Brigg Personality Test.  Preston also cares deeply about his friends at school and often talks about inviting them over to play.  He also tells us that he misses his friends from Peeps (which was a mom's day out program he used to attend).  Its amazing how these important friendships are formed at such an early age.  
Finally, Preston is a creative and imaginative boy. He loves to make up stories, talk about riding his bide for miles and miles and even dream about all the places he wants to go.  Um, can we say world travelor in the making.  I love when he makes up train stories or tells me about all the things he wants to do.  I don't think there is a lot of fear in the child.  I am thankful for his dreams and ideas.  I am also thankful that he is a BOY that loves to play!  
I almost forgot.  Check out updated photos of the kids at 
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