Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bye Bye CVS

The Dalbey family will no longer be using CVS Pharmacy after our experience there yesterday morning.  Here is our story:  Steven continues to work long hours and therefore has little 'extra' time to take care of random erands, phone calls, etc... Since Tuesday is my day off I thought I would take care of filling Steven's prescription at the pharmacy.  I picked up the script and headed to what I thought would be a convienence CVS pharmacy drive through.  Yes, I had 2 children in the car with me and thought this would make our lives a little easier.  Any mom knows that it takes a good amount of extra energy to get your kids in and out of car seats, into a store and try to wait with them.  So, I waiting for about 5 minutes in the drive through line and then sent my script through that vacuum shoot thing.  I was told it would take about 15 mintues to fill my script.  I pulled my car around to a parking spot next to a vehicle with a dog.  'This is great', I thought to myself.  The kids and I began to 'talk' to the dog and make funny faces at him.  After 15 minutes of play, singing and story telling I headed back to the drive through line. I had to wait an extra 5 minutes because someone in front of me was picking up their prescription.  No worries. I'll be next.  After another 10 minute wait I was then told by the 'lovely' CVS pharmacy assistant that my insurance did not fill prescriptions at CVS because we were not in their 'network'.  Are you kidding me?  I have now been at CVS for almost 40 minutes and you are just now telling me this information?!  I told the lady that this information would have been helpful when I dropped off the prescription so I didn't have to wait so long with 2 children in my car.  She tried to tell me where I could go to get my prescription filled and I kindly told her that we would no longer be shopping at CVS pharmacy or store for anything, ever!  I think I gave the lady quite a shock but I was and am completey serious.  Good news: I filled Steven script last night at Target.  I love Target.  I can drop off my script and take the kids to play with the toys, pick up some diapers and even check out that cool $1 area.  Oh yes, it only took 15 minutes to fill my script at Target - just like they said. 

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