Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thoughts on Tuesday

Its been a good couple days in the Dalbey house.  On Sunday, we headed out to the Cardinals game with some friends.  We had a wonderful time.  Here is a picture of Preston and his good buddy, Micah.  They both love those ballpark hotdogs. 
We tried to take a family photo...Preston had no interest.  Oh well.  I think Peyton looks cute in her Cardinal PJ's.  
On Monday I received a beautiful gift from a dear friend.  This California Starbucks mug is an awesome addition to my collection. I am so excited.  Thank you, Lindsey and Drew.  
Today was a fun day at home with the kids.  First, Peyton and I did some painting.  Um, notice her painting with her left hang.  Yup. I think we have a leftie which would make her just like her daddy :) 
After Peyton went down for her afternoon nap Preston and I did a little educational project.  We made a piece of paper for every day of hte week and then drew some pictures of what we like to do on those days.  For example: On Monday Preston goes to school.  He helped me draw a chicken coop with some chickens like the one at his school.   This was a great project to help Preston color and leran his days of the week.   
Here are a couple cute pictures of Petyon.  First, just sipping on some milk after her nap.  So cute.  
Final picture: Peyton enjoying her Oreo snack in the car.  Yes, she was a mess but oh so cute. 
Thats all for today. 

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